Human touch, as defined by Webster: “To treat or affect in some way by contact from another person…” At softTouch Therapeutic Massage it is our mission to administer hads on healing in a caring and compassionate manner; drawing on many different modalities in order to help meet the needs of each individual client. Whether their need be pain relief drom sore muscles, a post-event sports massage, or just relaxing our to de-stress, and come way refreshed and ready to face the rest of their day.

Services we provide

Swedish massage

Hot stone therapy


Our services and pricing


Massage price
Basic $65
Deluxe $75
30 minute $35
90 minute $95

Member pricing

Level Price
one $70
two $130
three $180
four $230

Loyalty reward

Level Price
One $65
Two $120
three $165
Four $200


The idea thar touch can heal is an old one ... but in recent years... science is confirming what we knew in our hearts... that 'Massage is medicine!' James Gordon, MD Harvard Psychiatrist (1998)
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