About Us

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Human touch, as defined by Webster: “To treat or affect in some way by contact from another person…” At softTouch Therapeutic Massage it is our mission to administer hads on healing in a caring and compassionate manner; drawing on many different modalities in order to help meet the needs of each individual client. Whether their need be pain relief drom sore muscles, a post-event sports massage, or just relaxing our to de-stress, and come way refreshed and ready to face the rest of their day.

Why regular massage?

Scientific research has proven that persons receiving routine massage therapy experience:

- Stress relief
- Reduced cortisol levels
- Decreased blood pressure
- Lowered respiratory and heart rates

- Reduced feelings of anxiety and depression

- Release of "feel good" hormones dopamine and serotonin
Produces and overall sense of wellbeing

- Increased energy and mental focus

- Improved circulation
- Brings nutrients to cells, while removing toxins
- Boosts immunity

- Loosening of tight muscle tissue

- Increased joint space
- Relief from nerve compression
- Improved mobility
- Decreased pain